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Service Department of Prestige Imports West Michigan

Our service department offers the best in automotive service to our customers. Our facility features current diagnostic and repair equipment and our highly skilled technicians will deliver the most efficient and quality vehicle care. When you need service, feel free to request an appointment online.

The Logical Choice for Import Service is Prestige Imports

By servicing multiple import brands for more than 30 years, Joe Licari has become West Michigan’s top expert on import vehicles. Our shop’s service experience covers every import from Honda to Lamborghini. As with any car, mass produced design errors, quirks and malfunctions lead to brand and model-specific problems. Our import-savvy technicians are likely to recognize those problems.

Convenient One-Stop Services Save You Time

Car on Lift Car on Lift
  • All maintenance and repair services from oil changes to engine rebuilding
  • Genuine Bosch auto parts
  • Remanufactured and used parts
  • Installation of aftermarket accessories
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Washing and complete detailing
  • Paint touch up
  • Dent removal
  • Wheel restoration
  • Gift certificates that can be used for any of these services

AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility

Prestige Imports is approved by the American Automobile Association for auto repair.

West Michigan’s Top Import Technicians Fix Your Vehicle Right the First Time.

Our service technicians average more than eight years with Prestige and most were already working on imports when they were hired. The four senior technicians are fully ASE certified in all eight areas of specialization. In addition to ASE testing, we send our technicians to a week-long Bosch-certified school every year for additional training. Our experienced staff is one reason why 97% of the vehicles that enter our shop are fixed right the first time. It also explains why dealers and other independents bring imports to Prestige when they’re unable to identify or fix a problem.

State-of-the Art Equipment Provides the Same Capabilities as Dealers

Some independent shops will not invest in the costly equipment it takes to fully service today's complex, computer-controlled vehicles so they constantly run into problems they can't diagnose and features they can't program. Prestige invests thousands of dollars every year to buy specialized test equipment and subscribe to databases with information about your car. Prestige invests more heavily in products and services that specifically support the imports. Recent investments include the VIDA system for Volvos and the Autologic system for BMW, Mercedes Benz, LandRover, and Jaguar.

Time-Saving Practices… Respect the Value of Your Time

We know you have a busy schedule and we respect your time. That’s why Prestige Imports offers three time-saving practices that you won’t get anywhere else:

1. Appointments in Three Days or Less
2. Your Vehicle Ready When Promised
3. Your Vehicle Fixed Right the First Time

Flexible Parts Policy Saves You Money

There are four price levels in automotive parts. (1) Original equipment, (2) Aftermarket, (3) Remanufactured, and (4) Used. If you take your car to a dealer, you’ll get only one option, the highest priced, original equipment (OEM) parts. Their contract with the vehicle manufacturer doesn’t allow them to offer you anything else. At Prestige we use quality aftermarket parts from Bosch, which are functionally the same as OEM parts but sold at a lower price. When your vehicle needs a particularly expensive part, using a remanufactured part can cut the cost even more and still provide good service. If you’ve got an older vehicle that you don’t plan to keep much longer, it might make sense to consider used parts. An active network of more than ten different parts suppliers helps us quickly find any part you need.

Want to save time and avoid another stop?

Drop off your vehicle for any service work and we’ll hand wash it for just $10.


Competitive Rates Minimize Your Cost for Labor

Hourly rates at Prestige vary by brand. Mercedes owners pay a higher rate than Honda owners, for example, because the greater complexity of their vehicle requires a greater investment in specialized equipment and training. In general, hourly rates at Prestige are roughly 15-20% lower than corresponding dealer rates.

Service Entrance

No-Commission Policy Prevents Overcharges

One of the biggest secrets of car dealers (and some other shops) is that the people who write up your service work are actually sales people working on a commission system. The bigger your service bill, the more money they take home. Worse yet, the compensation system for technicians will often include an incentive to push parts. At Prestige no one works on commission so there’s never an incentive to recommend needless work. Service writers and technicians share common goals: Get the car fixed right and keep the customer’s bill to a minimum.

Free Shuttle

Many customers want to drop their car off and pick it up later. We’ll help this process by giving you a ride to your home or work location. We’ll even drop you off at the nearby Woodland or Centerpoint Mall. Later in the day, if you can’t arrange your own ride back, we can pick you up after your car is ready.

If you prefer to drop off your vehicle before or after our business hours, fill out an envelope from our "Early Bird" box on the west side of the building, add your key, and drop it through the slot in the small door.

Customer Waiting Room Includes Free Wireless Internet

Naturally, we provide a clean waiting room with a flat-screen TV, magazines, and plenty of free hot coffee. Conveniently located between our showroom and service shop, you can monitor the progress on your current vehicle or browse for your next one. To stay productive you can connect your laptop to the Internet through our free wireless connection.

Written Employment Policy Ensures Honesty

Prestige Import Repairs is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Beyond that, we have a written policy that all employees will treat customers with honesty and respect. The owner, Joe Licari, demonstrates this policy every day in his dealings with customers. All staff members know—without a doubt—that the same truthful approach is a condition of their continued employment.